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We strive to provide the best possible care and attention to all our clients. In order to maintain the quality of our services and appointments, we have established a no refund policy. Our no refund policy is in place to assure that all appointments that have been scheduled are being honored. We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, and we are happy to reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time. However, we do not offer refunds for missed appointments or cancellations. 


Please read the following policy carefully before booking an appointment.

Booking an Appointment: Once you book an appointment, you are agreeing to our no refund policy. This means that once the appointment is booked and confirmed, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. However, the amount paid does not expire.

Rescheduling/Cancellations: If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please note that you will also not be eligible for a refund. The amount paid will be held as credit and can be used when you are ready to schedule again.

Treatment Plans and Services: For treatment plans and services that have been initiated or provided, there will be no refunds issued. We honor the amount paid and it can be utilized for future appointments or services.

In conclusion, we do not issue refunds on our bookings. However, should you have any questions or concerns about the service you have received, please notify us within two days of your service. If you are not satisfied with the work performed, we require that you return to our office so that your concern can be visually inspected. At that time, we will make every effort to make any adjustments to your satisfaction. Adjustments are made available to you at no cost only within the first two days of the initial service.


A Chargeback is typically caused due to: (i) client disputes; (ii) unauthorized or improperly authorized transactions; (iii) transactions that do not comply with Network Rules or the terms of this Agreement or are allegedly unlawful or suspicious; or (iv) any reversals for any reason by the Network, our processor or acquiring bank, the Cardholder bank, or the bank on which ACH or Check Scanning transaction is drawn. If we reasonably believe that a Chargeback is likely with respect to any transaction, we may withhold the amount of the potential Chargeback from payments otherwise due to you under this Agreement until such time that: (i) a Chargeback is assessed due to a supporter’s complaint, in which case we will retain the funds; (ii) the period of time under applicable law or regulation by which the supporter may dispute that the transaction has expired; and/or we determine that a Chargeback on the transaction will not occur. When a Chargeback is issued, you are immediately liable to us for the full amount of payment of the Chargeback plus any associated fees, fines, expenses or penalties (including those assessed by the Networks or our payment processor). You agree that V2S may recover these amounts by means of an ACH debit of your Deposit Account associated with your Services Account, by debiting your Reserve Account (if applicable), or offsetting any amounts owed to you by us. If we are unable to recover funds related to a Chargeback for which you are liable, you agree to pay us the full amount of the Chargeback immediately upon demand. You agree to pay all costs and expenses, including without limitation attorney fees and/or costs and/or other legal expenses, incurred by or on behalf of us in connection with the collection of any Chargebacks unpaid by you.

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